Fürs Tagebuch – 23. Juli 2020

Ich nutze Facebook, nach wie vor intensiv – wenn auch deutlich anders als ich das vor Jahren getan habe. Eine Funktion gefällt mir gut. Sie heißt Erinnerungen und zeigt Dir einige Posts, die genau an einem Tag vor einem, zwei oder mehr Jahren erschienen sind. Das schaue ich mir ab und an an 🙂 Mitunter schreibe ich aber auch was auf – sozusagen für die Zukunft, in der Hoffnung, dass ich sie mir in einem oder zwei oder mehr Jahren anschauen kann. In der Regel poste ich nicht mehr als einmal pro Tag, meistens am Morgen. Dieses ist der Post von heute, Donnerstag, 23. Juli 2020…

Each and every morning, when I open this place to check out how you all are doing, FB asks me „what’s on your mind?“. Well, let me answer it. I am still here, alive and very very happy about it. I had a good sleep in a bed, that was designed in Sweden, I have a cup of freshly brewed coffee with beans from an Italian Brand and drink it out of a cup, that is a present from a friend from England. I wear a shirt, that I once ordered from one of my fav singers, who lives in Chicago. I am listening to and enjoying music made in Johannesburg, Tokyo, Berlin, Paris, London, Baltimore, Stockholm and New York. I am typing this on a macbook, which was designed in Texas and built in China. My coffee was joined by bread, made with flour by a mill, which is 2 Miles away. I had butter on it from my fav farmer, who lives 3 Miles away, self-made strawberry jam and two scrambled eggs – I had to walk 100 Meters for them, because my neighbor has chickens. The defibrillator-pacemaker-unit in my chest is working well, that thing was built in Boston and implanted in Germany. I already took my medication, which was developed in the USA, the UK and Switzerland. In an about an hour I will put on socks with wool from New Zealand and some trainers made in Thailand, and will drive five Miles to the doctor in our little car, that is from Japan. And I read posts on Facebook, where worried friends link to things that happen in their countries, where useless idiots are in charge who lie to their people, who built new fences around their country, who do think that Corona will suddenly disappear and who turn their democratic societies into banana-republics. So, that is on my mind right now, in the first two hours of this thursday, 23rd July of 2020. And now, let’s check the fav news-sites…


Autor: Markus Kater

Rentner, Jahrgang 1962, ehemaliger Zeitungs-Journalist, Soul-, Jazz und House-DJ, Schaumburger.

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